Croatian coast is becoming one of the most popular destinations for European, American

and Asian travelers. In less than a decade Croatia has gone from being the quieter, more-

affordable alternative to Italy, to a top summer destination for the super-yacht set.

Dalmatian Coast features the abundance of less-visited corners, especially out of season.

High season in coastal Croatia starts in mid-June and ends in mid-September. Dalmatia is

famous for its warm days, beautiful beaches and vine-covered hillsides, blissfully crowd-

free, paradise for vine lovers!

The climate is Mediterranean with warm to hot summers. Whether you enjoy action or

you rather join locals in utter contentment and deliciously lazy mood locally known as

“fijaka”, it is never boring! Either way, you will have the time of your life. During the

summer months Dalmatian cities, such as Dubrovnik, Zadar, Split and Sibenik are full of

coach tours and sightseeing groups. Good food and rich history paved its way to even

more fun while touring the cities instead of the beaches. Three major cities in Dalmatia

have their own international airports.

When looking to relax and stay away from the tourist jungle, go to those out-of- the-way

destinations the Croats themselves escape to; places of pinch-me perfection where

lunches are long and nightlife means a nightcap by the harbor. Small hotels are most

within an hour of international airports. They are perfect enclaves to escape the hustle

and bustle, so simple, so pure and nowadays so sophisticated thanks to a new breed of

family owned, small hotels, also known as Holiday Homes. Late season offers lower prices

and pleasant weather. If you are visiting Croatia now, or in the future, visit and book your

next trip via Tour Dalmatia. The site has an easy access to the point of interest and

accommodation with the abundance of useful information.

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