Why Vegan?

When I was growing up, my parents took me to the Zoo and Circuses. They also took me to the national geographic museum that preserved animals, much like the trophy hunters do. Although it was creepy to me as a child, it was considered a science.

My grandma lived on the farm and had many farm animals. There were times when I visited and played with chicks, lambs or piglets, only to come the other day when my piglet would be served as a dinner. I was told that was the way things were done at the farm. We humans had to eat animals, or we would not be healthy.

To trick my parents, I used to apply a certain tactic. On the way back from the farm, I often smuggled chickens or any other baby animals that could fit into my bag. Soon my actions would end up discovered and animals returned to the farm.

When I became a teenager, I stopped eating meat. As I was getting older and started to live on my own, I learned about meat and dairy industry. I saw the movies, I read about the environmental consequences and the waste that was left behind. I realized that dairy was not pain free.

My personality is balanced and being extreme does not come easy. I understand that the domestic animals were created to support humans’ nutrition for the most part. I also believe in human treatment of the animals. I found it impossible to support the industry that I know is composed of greed and morally wrong actions, even if it is only with animals. I believe that those actions equally impact humans, their conscious and their health.

Today my family still has a farm and domestic animals on the farm. They no longer eat them. The ducks, turkeys and chickens are running around the farm to naturally feed the soil and make it fertile for the growth. Hens still lay eggs and those, when in excess, can be either picked and consumed by farmers, or sometimes eaten by other animals. Excess milk from cows can be used to make cheese. Nature is simple and roles are easily defined. Nature, when abused, suffers the consequence of the abuse. Inevitably, those consequences affect humans and environment in which we live.

The world will not become Vegan. I certainly understand. I do believe that choice to live abuse free and acting with higher moral standards will, eventually, change the factory farming industry, circuses, zoos, animal experimenting and any other exploitation of innocent beings in favor of humanity. I believe that we will evolve, even if we may appear very resistant. Why? Here is why:

“The question is not, ‘Can they reason?’ nor, ‘Can they talk?’ but rather ‘Can they suffer?’ – Jeremy Bentham

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