Serbian cuisine is heterogeneous, mixed from Greek, Hungarian, Turkish and Austrian influences. Two of my favorite places to visit were Skadarska Street, also known as “bohemian quarter” and famous clubs and restaurants on the river Danube.

Serbian cuisine is rich in fat and almost every meal contains meat. Alcohol is often served and consumed in generous quantities with such dishes. While being vegetarian and light drinker did not agree with that particular life style, and while I often had to be the designated driver, I found myself miraculously amused with the sincerity, emotions, talent and soul that they shared with me. Those clubs helped me learn about people who displayed non – biased, rich rush of emotions openly, without restrictions or embarrassments. We laughed out loud and cried at the same time, if we felt like it. We often loved more than we were loved and fell in love frequently. We gave it all or nothing.

Perhaps those times where the times when I learned that there was that one feeling that made me so vulnerable and so strong at once, the feeling of being in love. While I got better and braver as the years passed by, I did not forget how good it felt when I could have been myself without having to withhold my feelings for the fear of rejection. I never felt I could lose by just being who I am, by loving and giving it all. Perhaps I realized then that’s what true love was meant to be and nothing less.

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I provide assistance in many areas of law with specialization in litigation and alternative dispute resolution. I am certified by the Supreme Court of Arizona. My experience includes corporate career with Fortune 500 Company, American Express and Best Western International. I am a writer, nature and animals’ lover and positive thinker. I write just about everything that touched my heart and mind! I enjoy traveling. I like to learn about the people and what makes us become who we are.

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