A Girl With Two Homes

One night, in early December, my mother came into my room and said that she needed to talk. I was half asleep. As I was rubbing my eyes and trying to wake up, I saw tears on her face. That worried me a lot, because my mother seldom cried. Her face was tired and she looked smaller than she normally does. I thought that she lost too much weight.
She talked about a little girl that had two homes. One home was with her dad and the other was with her mom. And both dad and mom lived with somebody, so the girl was so lucky to actually have two dads and two moms. There were also plenty of toys and her room looked beautiful in both houses that she lived in.
I listened to her story and I did not understand. I did not know how that girl could be happy. I only had one mom and one dad. I did not want two moms and two dads. When I woke up in the morning, my mom was not at home. My dad was preparing the breakfast and getting me ready for the school. That evening my mom wasn’t home, and the next evening and the next. My dad said that she had to travel to London with her friends. They worked there on some project for her job and that I was too young to understand. I missed her so much. At night, I would hug her robe that still smelled like her.
My dad introduced me to a nice lady, who looked nothing like my mom. She was kind to me and took me shopping a lot. She was very pretty. I was growing up thinking of my mom and how London must have been a great place to live in, because she was not returning.
One day, many days later, the bell rang and my mom was at the door! She had a big smile on her face and she looked so happy. She hugged me and kissed me a lot. She said we no longer needed to stay apart and now I could visit her as much as I wanted to.
I remembered the story that my mom told me that night before she left. Now it all made sense.I learned that it was possible to have two homes and still be happy. It takes many years to build, but it can be done.

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