Difficult Decisions

It was time to make that decision. I was hesitant. I was worried to leave behind the years of planning, hopes, hard work and many good friends. Six months ago, the future seemed so obvious and I was almost convinced that I would never leave. I had my career, my goals and my development plan. I knew exactly, step by step, how to get where I thought I wanted to be. Something was missing. I was exhausted. I did not know if I was still happy. I almost could not feel it. I needed to turn the switch before it got too late.
I looked at the portable hard drive that contained ten years of my work. That is it. Ten years of work buried in this miniature device that could fit in my wallet. Is this a good business decision? Will I be happy with my choice? I could not tell. I usually followed my guts and most of the times my guts were right. I picked up the box, walked to the door, turned around and looked at my office one last time. Then I left.

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