One day, when I was barely eleven years old, my best friend came over to tell me that we could no longer play together. At first, I thought she was joking. We were in each other house every single day. We had sleep overs. I spent hours listening to her paying piano. My friend Jasmine was a strange girl. I never questioned why she had no other friends, but her sister and me. I cherished all her talents, listened to her songs and watched her perform imaginary plays in her living room, just for us. She was my star. She was my sister that I never had. For sure she was joking and everything will get back to normal, I thought. I thought she was just acting one of her plays on her living room stage and it would be over soon. I tried to contact her at no avail. I asked her mom, my mom, our dads and our friends. Everyone was silent. They thought I should let go and so I did. I felt it was all my fault. Many years later, I asked my mom about Jasmine. I wondered where she was. Then my mom told me the story. My dad had turns in his career that made him less popular at times. That was one of those moments when Jasmine’s parents told her that she was no longer allowed to see me. At the end, I learned that my friend, Jasmine, must have felt the same. She must have been sorry too! I learned one more important lesson that is to keep the communication with my kids sincere, honest and open and not to underestimate their capacity to understand. I learned how I could save them pain of a broken heart.

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