Best Friends are for Lifetime

No men can live alone. I’ve seen times and times what isolation can do to a human. Socializing with others is psychological need. We often strive to be liked and appreciated. We crave recognition and acknowledgement. We love to be noticed and cherished for who we are. As a young girl, I must say that I spent many hours wondering about my friends. I thought of who liked me and who did not. I thought of why they did not like me and what did I do wrong. Sometimes I cried myself to sleep, when I could not do anything to “save” my friendship with people who I thought were important. I liked to give and never asked for anything in return. Once, the time had come that I needed help. For the first time I had to reach out and ask. I was embarrassed. I did not know how to ask for help. In that challenging time I learned more than ever. I learned that the true friends will never let me down, no matter how far I lived and how long we did not talk. I learn that true friendships last for lifetime. I learned that real friendships were rare and few. Suddenly it occurred to me that all my wasted tears for people who did not care were not wasted for no reason. It had to happen so that I can cherish what was important – the friends for whom I never had to shed one single tear, while trying to figure out what went wrong with our friendship. It felt like growing up all over again. I was happy.

3 thoughts on “Best Friends are for Lifetime

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  2. My dear Debbie Sinno,

    No men can live alone, i agree. This morning i wake up early an i give some answers too your postings an in the mean while i read tI did not know you are posting an writing such nice tails, thoughts an feelings too. While you are sleeping, an i do housekeeping an other things, i found some time to google at your name. Not to be curious, i wanted to know that you are more than just a virtual friend, an you are. The part of the swans too me back such a long time, friends it seems so simple, but before it is so complex/difficult. Friendship is special, in my young age i saw older people at a bench hugging an kissing an i promised my self this will never happen to me, I felt a shame. Wen i grew older an made real friends i learned what is the purpose of life an i still learn every day. Even when the sun not shine, we must see the rays of her beauty. Nobody can live without friends, they are special at the moment you need theme. Aristoteles ones wrote “True friendship is the love for the other, for the sake of the other.”. I rather read your words, your story.

    Have a nice weekend

    1. anthemlegal123

      Thank you, my friend, very nice and wise words!

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