Why Take Things for Granted?

In my early career, as flight attendant, I naturally, traveled a lot. Since I was working in a small country that had only one major airport, all my flights were international. Third year into my job, I covered all the continents and many exciting destinations. As everything else, things are to be enjoyed in moderation. Too much travel has gotten me to the point that I was longing for a break and almost stopped enjoying my desirable destinations. I really wanted to stay home. I have to admit, I felt a bit guilty at times, knowing that many could only dream of visiting all those wonderful cities and countries that I already had under my belt.
One day, there was a strike in Paris. We waited and waited at the airport, thinking that it would end soon. As it turned out the strike continued for another three days. After ten hours of wait, we went back to the hotel. I was stuck in Paris! The next day, I left my room and I walked for miles. Suddenly I was at the bridge, looking at the Notre Dame Cathedral. It must have been around three in the afternoon. I walked for a long time, so I figured I needed a break and entered the cathedral. The cathedral was empty and quiet. This was such a strange feeling as one could always expect people in the place like that, a well-known tourist attraction. In a split second millions of thoughts went through my mind. I remembered Hugo’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame and I thought, oh Lord, what if his spirit still lived! At that very moment, the most beautiful music filled up the cathedral. Notre Dame was famous for its organs. I set down at the bench and listened for good twenty minutes, relaxing in a soothing harmony that melody created, surrounded by the walls of the most famous cathedral. Somebody played the music for me. I wasn’t alone! My heart was filled with gratitude and love for all the things that I often took for granted. I was ready to walk back to the hotel and prepare for work.

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