Rules are There to be Broken

Buckingham Palace guard should not look around or interact with public in any way. It is funny how many visitors try to get their attention, just knowing this. While in a past, the security and the police were little more liberal when letting people express themselves in attempt to get the guard’s attention, I hear that is no longer the case. You may find yourself in a real trouble should you walk outside of the gate, for example, drunk or naked. In early nineties my job took me to London frequently. One day, I decided to get the guard to move. I set there, in front of the gate, for quite a long time, hoping that they would break the rules. I was counting on one picking the nose, or scratching the forehead, removing the hair from the face as it rains or wind blows, or any other gestures that humans usually do. And so it happened. The guard glanced at me for a very quick moment. It was a great sense of victory remembering how hard some people had to work to get that glance. I, on the other side, just stood there long enough. So, maybe, after all, the Buckingham Palace guard is not always that strict? Rules are there to be broken sometimes, so let’s unleash our awesomeness!

1 thought on “Rules are There to be Broken

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