Do You Need a Contract in Writing and Why?

Fair contracts protect both parties involved: those providing a service, goods or property, and those paying for what are offered. Contracts set out legally binding conditions that the parties must adhere to or face legal action. You can protect yourself if you know how to write a legal contract. Generally speaking, your contract is either a service contract, or contract for sales of goods. There are rules on each type and different law applies. To decide whether you should put your agreement in writing, you will need to take a peak in Statute of Fraud in your state.
Make sure all parties are legally able to participate. This means that no minor or person under influence can sign the contract. Exchange something of value to provide consideration as necessary element of every biding contract. Get on the same page, as your offer must be accepted to have the legal significance. A good faith effort has to take place. Confidentiality close is often part of contract, as well as termination clause. Terms have to be specific and detailed. Cover it all. Make sure it is in accordance with the State Statute.
What if you get sued? Contract in writing is essential to your answer, cause of action and defense.
For assistance with your contract, contact me at 1-602-769-1585. To reach me faster, my phone is connected to google voice.

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  1. For help, call me at 888-411-7739.

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