When You Agree to Divorce

Ugly faces of divorce:
1. Fighting over the child custody and visitations
2. Depression and feeling of failure
3. Inability to agree on how to parent your children

Let go on fighting with one another. You will not get your marriage back, but you can make your divorce less painful. People can agree on almost everything, so why not you two? End your divorce in dignity with the consent decree and not with the judge having to make those decisions for you.

Easier said than done? So here is my story:

Many years later, after the difficult divorce, many hours of counseling and several years of argument, I asked myself why did it take so long to let go? The pain is gone, mistakes forgiven and kids are big. We can still have a good laugh, here and there, when we meet for a coffee or have to make important decisions for our kids. We might say, after bitter years of turmoil first while still together and later while we were divorcing, then we might make better friends that spouses to one another. Time heals wounds and people change. Good memories overrule the bad ones. Kids grow up fast and they have a good tendency to forgive. It really is not that bad.

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